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Scarlet comes to us from a high kill shelter in CA.  Scarlet is a stunning girl of about 2 years old.  She is currently in foster in Maine.  Scarlet is super playful, and is good with other dogs upon proper intro.  She is crate trained and housebroken.  Scarlet is a little anxious meeting new people but does warm up.  Her ideal home is one without a lot of coming and goings.  She is a lovebug - and wants nothing more than attention from her people.  We would love to see her go to training with her new people - it would be great for her confidence.  She would like an active family.


Girl comes to us from a high kill shelter in CA.  She is just a baby of perhaps a year old.  Girl was a cruelty case - she had been stabbed above her eye.  Minor wound, but she needed a new life that is for sure.  She is very very sweet.  She adores people.  She does get along with other dogs upon proper intro but needs guidance as she can be barky and in their face.  Girl is currently in foster learning her indoor manners!  Girl is going to want an active family who is patient and loving.  She would benefit from a training class.  



Gorgeous GUNNER was an owner surrender to the rescue. He has a sad story. He is 5 yrs old and was purchased from a breeder as a puppy. He is AKC registered with an impressive bloodline. He was well taken care of for a year or 2, including some training, but unfortunately the owner slipped into substance abuse and the last few years Gunner has been in a very unstable situation. He did not get enough attention or exercise, or exposure to the world. His owner was forced to sell his house and has now entered rehab. This beautiful boy is friendly, but he arrived very anxious as you can imagine.  Although Gunner can walk with other dogs on leashes and do fine, he does NOT want to live with another dog.  He needs to be your one and only.  We will most likely be looking for a home with breed experience and no small children - only because of his energy level, he could knock them down etc. We also want someone who is a strong handler - Gunner needs structure or he will take advantage of you! Gunner is spending time with our friend Kris at Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation. He has learned a lot, and is doing well! He knows many commands - most in German!  


Hey Two was rescued from a high kill shelter in CA and arrived in Maine a short time ago.  This girl was estimated to be about 6 but she sure doesn't look or act that way.  We would guess her more like 4 or 5!  Hey is super sweet with people, and walks pretty well on a leash.  She is currently in foster learning some manners.  Hey is good with other dogs upon proper intro.  Hey is super special too - much to our surprise, she has no tail!  Actually it looks to have been amputated somewhere along the way - perhaps she had an injury.  It makes her very interesting.  We just love this girl.

Komorebi was rescued from a high kill shelter in CA.  Komo was in absolutely DEPLORABLE condition.  Years of abuse and neglect.  She was mostly hairless, scabbed all over, both ears hard with scabs and infection, and a huge tumor on her head.  She had been bred over and over.  We just knew we had to help her.  We estimate her to be only 3 or so.  She is BEYOND sweet.  Her coat is growing back, and the tumor was removed.  Komo is a tiny little thing - she's going to be beautiful when she is 100% again.  We believe she was crated non stop with little exercise, as her hind end is weak.  We are working to build her up but this will all take time.  Komo needs a loving and patient family who will help her transform into the beautiful girl we know she is.  Inside she is already beautiful.  This is a fantastic dog for some lucky person.  

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