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 We are so happy to post up our FIRST adoption is official! BODIE IS HOME! Actually, he has been home for a few weeks but we are making it official! When Bodie met Bob it was pretty much love at first sight. And even though Bodie had a few anxiety issues, Bob was willing to work with him - we LOVE those kind of adopters! He has done great in his new home, and loves his little buddy Rosie, a tiny little thing! They are inseparable. Bodie is now Brady, and he loves to go with Bob in the truck for rides and hang out in the yard with his new family. He is really blooming like we knew he would...and he looks so good - he has put on some needed pounds. We couldn't be prouder of this dog - he has come a long way, and we can't wait to see him soon! We also want to thank Kris from Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation for all she did to help Bodie become a success story!!

 We are so happy to announce that COMMANDER IS HOME! He really hit the jackpot with Wendy, Roger & Bella! When we got their application we knew they would be a great home for one of our dogs. They are experienced GSD Owners, whose dog Honey had passed a little bit ago, and were looking for a new family buddy. They fell in love with Commander (well - who wouldn't!) the second they met him, and it was obvious he felt the same way! He's been home with them for about a week now and he has transitioned perfectly - they say it is like he has always been there! He is enjoying his daily walk/runs on the nature trails that abut their property - and is learning to live with a kitty, lol. We are so glad to see this boy blossom - he lived his life in a backyard in CA and had zero world experience so being part of a family is a new thing for him. Congratulations to all of you, and we want a LOT of updates! We would also like to thank Kris from Kompletely K-9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation. Commander spent a couple of weeks there learning a few manners, and they really helped him learn to focus - this guy was all puppy scatterbrain when he got here! Getting him some help in that department really made a difference in this awesome dog!

Stanley found his perfect home with Haley and Kalvin and Eli!  Best part is he is nearby so we will get to visit him!

Dirigo (now Callie), Marilyn, and Ed

Harley - our Berger Picard and Jessica

Honey (now Zuri) and Susan

Merik and Holly

Jasmine (now Ayla) and Bill, Laura, and Justin

Doodlebug - with Michael and Erin

Atossa with Christine & Marty

Hans - with Kolette, Chris, and Tiana

Rupert  -  with dad Jack

Sameer - now Murphy - with             Doreen & Bill

Lester & Betty


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